[1] UN DESA's Global Policy Dialogue for Climate Action

C2X's co-founder was invited by UN DESA to the Global Policy Dialogue for Climate Action, “Imagining the Carbon-neutral Future: Transformations in Energy and Transport.” Organized with UN-Habitat, the event will also discuss cross-cutting issues such as financing, governance, gender, data and statistics, as well as how the world can best make systemic transformations to a more sustainable world while leaving no one behind. Related media includes:

[2] Post-COVID Summit

C2X's co-founder was the invited speaker and moderator, by the late former President of France, Mr. Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, for the “The Innovation Potential of the Energy Sector" Stream at the "Post-COVID Summit." He will talk about the “Energy Innovations in the Post-COVID World" in June 2021. [Link]

[3] UN Technical Working Group on Energy Transition

C2X's co-founder was selected as the only student member of the Technical Working Group on Energy Transition for the High-Level Dialogue on Energy, a global gathering on energy under the auspices of the UN General Assembly. Related media includes:

[4] Featured in the World Economic Forum's White Paper on Global Energy Innovations

My Ph.D. thesis project on photoreactor design is highlighted in the World Economic Forum's white paper which showcases global energy innovations. Related media includes:

[5] INK Fellow and Invited Speaker

C2X's co-founder has been selected as an INK Fellow (21 in the world) by the Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation to speak about solar fuels in Jaisalmer, India. Related media includes:

[6] TTI/Vanguard Invited Speaker

“Converting Carbon Dioxide to Solar Fuels: Opportunities and Challenges,” Oral Presentation at the TTI/Vanguard Conference on "IoT, Data, and the New Last Mile," Mar. 2019, Berkeley, CA, USA. (Invited Speaker) [Youtube] [Bilibili] [Text Summary]